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The Pasty Princesses - Ginsters


The Pasty Princesses - (L-R) Nicola Richards, Anna Ward, Linda Evans and Julie Marsh

The Pasty Princesses are raising funds for the Alzheimers Society and Clic Sargent.  We are supporting these charities as both of these illnesses have affected us in different ways, and we want to help others that are having to deal with these two illnesses.

The Pasty Princesses are competing in the TOUGH level of the challenge.

Team Charities:  Alzheimers Society and Clic Sargent
Pledge:  £2000
Challenge Level:  Tough
Team Leader:  Julie Marsh

Help The Pasty Princesses raise funds for their charities by donating to their fundraising page:  https://www.justgiving.com/teams/PastyPrincesses
The Pasty Princesses - Ginsters