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The Knightly Lads - Melton Foods


The Knightly Lads -  Mike Davies, Paul Rose, Paul Gill and Michael Paine (photo to follow)

The Knightly Lads are raising funds for Childrens Liver Disease Foundation (CLDF).  My wife’s cousin was born with liver disease and sadly never survived many years so it’s close to our family.  Whatever we can raise to improve the lives of other children and their families, no matter how short that may be, is worth putting in the effort for.

The Knightly Lads are competing in the TOUGH level of the challenge.

Team Charity:  CLDF
Pledge:  £2000
Challenge Level:  Tough
Team Leader:  Paul Rose

Help The Knightly Lads raise money for their charity by donating to their fundraising page:


The Knightly Lads - Melton Foods