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The Ironic Bonders - Holchem Laboratories Ltd


The Ironic Bonders - (L-R) Marc Powell, Steve Bagshaw, Sue Critchley and Sarah West

The Ironic Bonders are raising funds for Bury Hospice.  The hospice is local to our business and to the homes of many of our staff. We understand just how important Bury Hospice is to our community; it has touched the lives of all of us in many different ways, and we appreciate the hard work that goes into making the hospice such a welcoming place to spend time.

The Ironic Bonders are competing in the TOUGH level of the challenge.

Team Charity:  Bury Hospice
Pledge:  £2000
Challenge Level:  Tough
Team Leader:  Marc Powell

Help The Ironic Bonders to raise money for their charity by donating to their fundraising page:

The Ironic Bonders - Holchem Laboratories Ltd