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The Green Lanterns - Greencore Northampton

Super Tough

The Green Lanterns - Luke Hackney, Stuart Robinson, Ben Smith
and Niall Gardiner

The Green Lanterns are raising funds for Autism Concern.  Autism Concern was formed in 1991 (charity number 1062611) and owes its beginnings to a group of parents of autistic children, who recognised that services for autistic people in the country were fragmentary and inadequate, particularly with regards to practical support following diagnosis. They determined that they would promote the care, treatment and education of children and adults with autism and to secure for them provision commensurate with their needs.

The Green Lanterns are competing in the SUPER TOUGH level of the challenge.

Team Charity:  Autism Concern
Pledge:  £2000
Challenge Level:  Super Tough
Team Leader:  Luke Hackney

Help The Green Lanterns raise funds for their charity by donating to their fund-raising page:

The Green Lanterns - Greencore Northampton