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Blueberry Desserters - Blueberry Foods


Blueberry Desserters - (L-R)  Jimmy Mark, Colin Taylor, Andy Smith and Tom Lillie

Blueberry Desserters are raising funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.  Our team have decided to support Macmillan and their campaign to ensure nobody faces Cancer alone.  Certainly more and more of us are being touched by Cancer, either ourselves or through family and friends, and the work of Macmillan is vital in supporting the people we love through these difficult times.

Blueberry Desserters are competing in the TOUGH level of the challenge.

Team Charity:  Macmillan Cancer Support
Pledge:  £2000
Challenge Level:  Tough
Team Leader:  Andy Smith

Help Blueberry Desserters to raise funds for their charity through their fundraising page:  www.justgiving.com/Blueberry-Desserters

Blueberry Desserters - Blueberry Foods