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Anil Ahir, Event Director, wishes all participants good luck.

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I would like to wish you all good luck at the Charity Challenge. I hope that all your hard training and preparation allows you to have a safe and super exciting enjoyable experience. The event team is now busy setting up the location and implementing the final details for the event.
With only a few days remaining I would encourage you to keep pushing your fundraising activities so that we can truly celebrate all your hard work and support for your chosen charities.
Like you, I am also looking at the weather daily! Fingers crossed for sunshine!! However we would recommend that you come fully prepared for a changeable environment - so plenty of clothes and full waterproofs are a must.
Your safety at the event is our absolute priority so please ensure you bring items that we have communicated to you eg. first aid kit for your team, correct clothing and footwear including long legged/ armed clothing/waterproofs especially for the obstacle course.

Specific road signs/ parking will be in place to direct you safely to the location during the event. If you have any questions on any points about the Challenge please communicate through the website and we will get back to you.
The excitement is also building up at the location and  the local community are helping us to marshal the event. It really is one big team effort! 
I am looking forward to meeting you all at the Challenge.
See you in Wales ... SOON!


Anil Ahir
Event Director