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Anil Talks About The Obstacle Course

Everything you need to know about the obstacle Course!

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Great news, this year we have a new addition to the event which I know you are all looking forward to...
The Obstacle course!

The Design

The obstacle course is designed to test strength and stamina and your ability to navigate in a number of activities. Each obstacle will test teamwork and speed, therefore working as a team will ensure you are capable of completing the whole course. The course consists of a number of challenges including crawling, climbing, pulling and pushing items! This is a compulsory section of the event so everyone has a chance to compete against each other and gain maximum points.

What To Wear

A professional team is involved in implementing this activity. Their recommendations are:
  • Good outdoor footwear (e.g. trail shoes or good quality trainers)
  • Items to keep your legs covered as there will be some crawling and climbing
  • Avoid cotton t shirts (as you may be getting wet, therefore we recommend light breathable T-shirt material)
  • Outdoor sports gloves to grab hold of obstacles
  • A light weight waterproof cover/ top (if the weather is wet!)
Be prepared to get dirty and wet! Showers and changing facilities will be available after this activity during your planned stoppage time. We advise that you locate your change of clothes in the changing facilities provided at the main location (start area) prior to starting the Charity Challenge (Saturday morning).


The course will be marshalled by a professional team and first aid support will be located at this event. However, it is important that the obstacle course is a team effort. This will make it more safe and more enjoyable.

The location will also include a fuel point for drinks and snacks to boost your energy after you have completed this challenging activity. You will be given a full safety brief during your allocated time on Friday.


Please note that this section of the event will have 24 hours security in place to prevent unauthorised access and to ensure the obstacles are in position for the event.

Good luck to you all, see you there in 3 weeks!
Anil Talks About The Obstacle Course