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FUNDRAISING - Lets Smash £400,000 For Charity!

2015 Charity Challenge Organiser, Anil Ahir, talks fundraising!

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Q: Have you got a target for the amount of monies to be raised by the Charity Challenge 2015 teams?

During every past challenge event, we have always beaten targets and raised more than expected! At this years event, with the help and support of teams and sponsors, we want to break the £400, 000 barrier. This would be a fantastic achievement!!!!

Q: Do teams have to raise a minimum level of money for charity?

All teams need to raise a minimum of £2, 000 for their chosen charity. We would really like to encourage teams to raise even more for their chosen charity! In fact, we will be recognising teams who have raised the most money with some great awards at the Charity Challenge 2015 evening dinner! So, get fundraising...

Q: How can teams raise money for charity?

I would encourage all teams to start their fundraising as soon as possible, if you haven't yet. Be creative and think outside of the box! We have already recieved some great examples of what teams have been doing e.g. dinner dance, baking cakes. I believe one team is planning to do a "bean bath" in their team centre!! The main objective of the Charity Challenge event is to maximise funds for charity. This really is the essence of the event, the more money we raise for charity the more you are helping children, family, adults, animals and others in need!

Q: How do teams confirm their total raised for charity?

It is important that teams provide evidence that they have raised money for their charity or charities. This is because we would like to thank the team  individualy, and we will also post the totals for each charity on the website. This will allow everyone to see your great efforts for all the different charities in the UK. Please don't forget to bring your charity letters/ emails etc on the day confirming how much you have raised!

Q: What is the best way of sharing fundraising ideas?

We have Facebook and Twitter pages where we welcome you to share your ideas. Or you can email challenge.admin@samworthbrothers.co.uk and we will do a feature story in the news section! Tell us about your chosen charity and how you are raising funds!

Q: What charities have you supported before?

My charity fundraising started when I was at school for Christian Aid and the International Red Cross. During the last 20 years, I've been supporting and helping the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign. Charities play a vital role in society and provide much needed assistance, resource and skills to those in need. Our individual desire to help charities will in most cases be driven by personal experiences and circumstances. Charity fundraising is a great way of helping and giving back some of your time and efforts to others.
My thanks in advance to all of the challenge teams, sponsors and volunteers who have already started to support our ambition of raising a massive amount for charity this year! Good luck!!

FUNDRAISING - Lets Smash £400,000 For Charity!