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Charity Challenge Q&A

2015 Charity Challenge Organiser, Anil Ahir, answers your questions.

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Q: Can you explain what the Samworth Charity Challenge is?    

The Samworth Brother Charity Challenge takes place every other year and is a challenge that involves a gruelling cycle ride, canoe paddle and mountain walk. The aim of the Charity Challenge is to raise maximum amounts of money and for everyone involved to have fun. The first Challenge took place in 2007 and since that time we have raised over £1 million for charity. In 2013, we had 80 teams taking part.

Q: Every Charity Challenge is a bit different.  What do you think will be the highlights of the 2015 Charity Challenge? 

A: The 2105 Challenge will present more opportunities for participants to test their level of fitness and endurance. The location in Wales is an ideal venue for this. This year, there will also be an elite route for super fit participants. Your training programme should start early if you are planning on entering this elite category. As this new 2015 opportunity has been reviewed by the Brownlee brothers, I am sure it will generate a high level of competitiveness.


Q: So, the big question: how much money do you want to raise?

A: Each previous Challenge has focused on providing opportunities for raising as much money as possible for team-nominated charities and, once again, we are committed to beating all previous targets. So your support and efforts are greatly appreciated.


Q: Are you a Charity Challenge veteran? Have you got any training tips? 

A:  I have taken part in all previous Charity Challenges and each time the event has been more adventurous - and sometimes surprising. The organising team are creating an experience that will challenge the mental and physical capabilities of all participants. I would strongly recommend that teams start training as early as possible. If you are dedicated and committed to be in the winning teams, then my advice is to have a routine to your preparation. Don’t leave it until the last minute….

Charity Challenge Q&A