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About Charity Challenge

The Challenge routes, Tough, Super Tough and Elite will remain a closely guarded secret until the day of your team's event. However, you can be certain that whichever route you travel on it will take you through spectacular scenery and remote terrain.

To help you prepare and collect as many points as possible you will find the following information helpful:
Navigation will be key to your team's success! It's all too easy to concentrate on building your fitness and stamina and not give too much thought to the navigation skills you will require to complete the challenge route.
The event base is in mid-Wales and it will be the centre of all activity for the start and finish lines and between the main activity stages. Teams will head back to the event base to log times and checkpoints and to take the opportunity to change clothing and stock up on supplies of water and food.
Each of the routes are separated by differences in distances and/or height gains.  In 2015 there is a new and very challenging Elite route for the most ambitious and super fit teams, as well as the Tough and Super Tough routes. 
Each route will require teams to navigate their way round on foot, by canoe and on bike. For those capable it will be more advantageous to run the stages on foot. Additionally, there will be some optional exhilarating activities which will give participants the opportunity to gain more points. Each section of the route is a timed event, so speed is of the essence.

About Charity Challenge

Tough route

This route requires a high level of fitness. A good 13 week training programme prior to the event should ensure you are capable of completing it.

Super Tough route

This route requires a higher level of fitness and stamina and in adverse weather could be extremely physically demanding.

Elite route

This route requires a very high level of stamina, fitness and endurance. In adverse weather it will be extremely physically demanding.