Samworth Brothers
Samworth event 2006
samworth event with Distant Horizons
Distant Horizons
Samworth Brothers - Organising Committee
Lindsey Pownall Nicky Masters Emma Musson Anita Envis Marian Butler Wendy Levell Susan Beaumont
  Samworth event 2007 Lindsey Pownall, Event Coordinator
  Samworth event 2007 Nicky Masters, Treasurer
  Samworth event 2007 Emma Musson, PR
  Samworth event 2007 Anita Envis, Logistics
  Samworth event 2007 Marian Butler, Celebration Meal
  Samworth event 2007 Wendy Levell, Accommodation Coordinator
  Samworth event 2007 Susan Beaumont, Supplier Coordinator
Distant Horizons
      Samworth event 2007      Jason Beverley - Outdoor Activities Coordinator/Course Designer




For any questions relating to the challenge route, fitness levels, technical difficulties or health and safety issues please contact Jason Beverley at Distant Horizons UK Ltd on 01228 521276 or on 0783 3593139 or
Jason Beverley